A family farm since 1870- Lincolnton, NC

Our Pork

Our Pork

Our respect and dedication to Heritage transcends far past that of our family. In fact, we have carefully incorporated it into the selection of our livestock. When we first brought the American Mulefoot hogs to this farm, a breed that is registered with the American Livestock conservancy, their number of species had dwindled down to the double digits. We decided then the importance of dedicating our efforts in the fight to helping save these Heritage breed animals. We made a commitment to promoting a more respectable animal production paradigm and bringing flavor back to the table by raising Heritage hogs. Thanks to you, and other consumers who have supported the use of this richly marbled pork,  the American mulefoot population is is now considered to be in recovery. One year ago, we introduced a second Heritage breed hog to the farm, the red wattle.

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